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Lancelot | on 13 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

There are two new faces in Camelot this week - one belongs to a beast and the other to a dashing young swordsman. Here are a few nuggets of info about what happens in the slightly disappointing episode, including one fake spoiler. Please note the earlier transmission time this week - it appears that Merlin has cast a spell on the BBC schedulers!

Lancelot saves Merlin from a dangerous bird (as opposed to Guinevere).

Merlin creates a son using magic.

Arthur brands himself The Ultimate Killing Machine.

A winged monster is heading towards Camelot.

King Uther secretly meets a friendly sorceress called Willow.

Gaius tells Merlin off for using magic - shock horror.

Lancelot gets down and dirty in the stables.

Merlin demands that Guinevere choose between Arthur and Lancelot romantically.


Merlin Soundtrack | on 13 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

Thanks to for the news of a Merlin soundtrack.

As 2008 winds down, MovieScore Media are seemingly cranking up their release schedule as a shed-load of albums are planned for release in the coming weeks. Most exciting of all for viewers of the BBC’s must-see Saturday night TV epic Merlin, is an album of music from the first three episodes of the stunning series. British composer Rob Lane is responsible for the swirling, majestic and exciting score, which marks yet another fine small screen turn from the man behind the scores for Elizabeth I, Jane Eyre and Longford.


The Poisioned Chalice Screencaps | on 12 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

I have added screencaps from The Poisioned Chalice


The Poisioned Chalice Clips | on 11 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

I have added clips from The Poisioned Chalice


1000 Hits | on 11 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

Thanks to all of our visitors, we have made 1000 hits.


Lewis Screencaps | on 10 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

I have added screencaps Lewis from the episode Music To Die For


Lewis Videos | on 10 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

I have been doing these all morning laughing

I have added Lewis videos from the episode Music To Die For

Screencaps will be up shortly wink


New Layout | on 10 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

We have a gorgeous new layout thanks to Star69 Designs which is coded by Sharvari at E-C.COM


Dis/Connected | on 09 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

Thanks to our forum member Adriane. we have 2 pictures from Dis/Connected


Merlin Episode 6 | on 09 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

A new physician arrives in Camelot and stands to threaten more than just Gaius's job, as BBC One's magical family drama continues.

A mysterious and scarred man enchants a bunch of flowers which are then delivered anonymously to Morgana. As she sleeps, an enchanted beetle creeps from the bouquet and enters her ear, making Morgana seriously ill.

Gaius is summoned to help but, unaware that it is magical, cannot find the cause of the disease. Edwin, the scarred man, arrives at the palace he is a physician and claims to have a cure for all ills. Desperate for answers, Uther urges him to start examining Morgana right away.

Edwin secretly uses magic to remove the beetle from Morgana's head, thus curing her of the illness. Though grateful for his help, Gaius is suspicious of the mysterious stranger and his methods. Uther, meanwhile, is impressed and encourages Edwin to stay on in Camelot.

Merlin is curious about Edwin and takes it upon himself to see what he can find out about this mysterious stranger. Snooping around the physician's chambers he finds a wooden box of "dead" beetles. Reading the spell on the lid, Merlin accidently conjures the beetles to life. Edwin catches Merlin and realises he must have magical powers to be able to perform such a feat.

Meanwhile, Gaius starts his own investigation, and enlists the help of his old friend, Geoffrey of Monmouth. Gaius manages to get his hands on a copy of an old records book from the time of the Great Purge. Studying the book from dusk till dawn, Gaius finds what he was looking for evidence of Edwin's true identity.

Deeply concerned for the King's safety, Gaius visits the Great Dragon looking for advice, but doesn't like what he hears and leaves Camelot. Merlin is devastated.

Richard Wilson plays Gaius; Katie McGrath plays Morgana; Julian Rhind-Tutt plays Edwin; Anthony Head plays Uther; Colin Morgan plays Merlin; John Hurt voices the Great Dragon; and Michael Cronin plays Geoffrey of Monmouth.


The Poisoned Chalice | on 08 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

Bayard and the knights of the Western Isles are welcomed to Camelot for a feast celebrating a union between the two kingdoms, as BBC One's adventure-packed family drama continues. Nimueh, however, has other plans. Posing as a serving girl, she infiltrates Bayard's party and enters Camelot with a view to seeking revenge on Merlin.

Unaware of her true identity, Merlin befriends the young serving girl. Once she has gained his trust, Nimueh warns him that Bayard isn't the friend he seems as he plans to poison Arthur.

Merlin bursts into the banquet and stops Arthur drinking from a poisonous goblet in the nick of time. Bayard denies trying to poison Arthur and Uther decides that the only way to determine the truth is for Merlin to drink from the cup himself. Merlin falls to the ground, poisoned. The guards arrest Bayard and his knights. Merlin falls into a deep coma.

Gaius discovers that Merlin has been poisoned by the Morteaus Flower and can only be saved from certain death by an antidote made from the leaf of the same plant. However, the flower is rare and only grows in the caves of Mount Argeaus, which are found deep within the forest of Balor. As Merlin's health deteriorates fast, Arthur, humbled by his servant's bravery, believes he must set off on a quest to retrieve the flower himself. But Uther forbids him to go because the danger is too great.

Morgana counsels Arthur and helps him realise that he is his own man and should do what he thinks is right, even if it means disobeying Uther. Will Arthur find the flower in time to save his friend or will Nimueh place more danger in his path?

Clive Russell plays Bayard, Michelle Ryan plays Nimueh, Colin Morgan plays Merlin, Bradley James plays Arthur, Richard Wilson plays Gaius, Anthony Head plays Uther and Katie McGrath plays Morgana.


Blue Peter & The Poisoned Chalice | on 08 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

Behind the scenes of Merlin was just shown on Blue Peter.

They showed some bits of Colin and Bradley. They showed filming a stunt scene with Colin and him in armour.

We have 2 new images from The Poisoned Chalice.


Tv Times | on 08 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

Bradley is in this week's Tv Times so I scanned it wink please credit if using.


Merlin Ratings Rise | on 07 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

The third episode of BBC1's fantasy drama Merlin drew 5.8 million viewers and a 29% share between 6pm and 6.45pm - up from last week's 4.9 million.


Icons | on 07 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

I have added a few icons, some tags are on by mistake laughing


Welcome | on 05 Oct 2008 | by Vicki

Welcome to Bradley James, I am glad to finally get this site up and running, the first and best Bradley James fansite. You may know him for major role as Prince Arthur in new tv show Merlin, you may also know him for his role in Lewis. We will try and bring you the latest news, images, media and more. Why not join the forums and chat with other fans?

Donations are always welcome and always credited.


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